May 15, 2007

3 bed, 2 bath, fireplace, two car garage... dead body...

[im so embarrassed, the camera totally adds like 10 pounds!]

So there is a rash of stories about dead bodies being found in homes after rotting alone from a couple months to years.

This woman in Wisconsin was found by the realtor a bit ago when showing the house, and just recently a body was found in a house that had been there for 6 years!

The bank repoed it and sold it in an auction, without actually checking the lay of the land, and the new owners were befuddled (awesome word choice) to find the previous owner mummified and dead as a doornail.

My question? What kind of wonky ass bank takes SIX YEARS to repo the house? Wells Fargo would've been on that shit like Lakondashaqua on a some pork rinds and koolickles.

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