May 9, 2007

Black Peoples Is Crazy!

So this new "tastey" snack that has been getting much press is a pickle soaked in Kool-Aid.

Just focus on that image for a second. Seriously. That is the nastiest shit I have ever heard in my life.

First of all, people who eat giant ass pickles as snacks are retarded, secondly they annoy the hell out of me with that god awful aroma that pours off of those things in a movie theater. My Mom freaks out when she sees some Mesican with a giant pickle.

Mammy's all like, "hell nah I'm not sittin by some skank with a giant pickle, that shit smells nasty and I don't wanna hear her chompin on it like its her daddy's wing wang!"

I love in this article the author can't help focus on the fact that it is black people who love this disgusting treat... much like pigs feet. He even quotes the names of people enjoying their phallic snack as "Ladarius, Fredericka and Kobreana, among others."

Some are calling it the Koolickle... while others, myself included, are calling it shitassnasty. Either or.

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