September 29, 2006

Robot Chicken Friday!

This is by far the funniest shit I have ever seen. I was laughing so hard at work I had to leave my desk, MO-LAR the He-man dentist. "All he got was the dental floss, and I got a fucking drill to the eye!"

When Godzilla and wife's sexual relationship goes awry, Mecha Godzilla will come in to Tame Dat Ass!!

The Never Ending Story crew have a wild and crazy American party!

My Little Ponies from the apocalypse... "I AM DEATH!" hahaha fucking genius!

Final Fantasy 7 meets Burger King!

Racist Genocidal Care Bears and Pedophilic Magic Professors!

What I tell u about being stupid. You don't get a birthdy this year..." Stupid Children. Oh and the boy who pistol whips a fucking bald eagle.

"Now children in a few minutes were going to find out who ate the poison cookie, won't that be fun?" Hahaha, stupid children... believing mild mannered stay at home moms who bake...

September 28, 2006

Do you need help little man?

I don't know what it is about really gay guys getting scared, but this shit is funny as hell.

"Bryant" goes to a facility to rescue animals, but finds out there might be some kind of rat monster lurking around waiting for his next kill.

September 21, 2006

"Bush is the devil"...

The Venezualan president said that Mr. Bush was the devil and that there will be an uprising across the world against American imperialism.

Ummm... wow. I mean, wow. Them's some fightin words, especially when done at the UN in front of all those peoples.

But you know we rely on them for oil, so we have to just sit there and take it. I bet ol Georgie is none too please about bein called the devil, but we should really worry about what Lucifer thinks.

After all if some asshole compared me to such an idiot, I would bring down hell fire and demons and shit.

September 20, 2006

Civil War!

Trailer for Civil War, with issue #4 coming out today, anyone who is not reading this, but wouldn't mind checking out comics, should definitely check out Civil War. This shit just gets better and better and leaves me wanting more, damnit!

Matt Damon flips his weave...

I am pretty sure this is a joke (much like the snake bite that seemed so real it was almost scary), but it's still fucking funny shit.

Ridin dirt... I mean white and nerdy...

Weird Al has done it again, if you ever say, (in your whitest voice you can muster) "why are you hating on me?" and "why don't they call it driving illegally?" then this video is just for you!

September 19, 2006

Rest in Peace Ann

Former Texas governor Ann Richards will be missed. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with her 2 years ago, and she was a wonderful person to be around. My heart goes out to her family and all the Texans who knew her as one of the greatest people Texas has ever blessed the world with.

Shocker! Willie Nelson caught with... weed...

Ummm.... no shit! It's fucking Willie Nelson! Of course he had pot and shrooms on his tour bus, he has his own fucking strand of marijuana named after him!

But you know he just got off with a misdemeanor cause there were 5 people on the bus and separated among them it wasn't enough to get him jail time.

He ain't stupid, he's just high!

10% of 'straight' guys are really dick lickers!

According to a new study in NYC, 10% of men who identified as straight have partaken in some man on man action within last year or so, 70% of them were married.

Wow, what a shock, a bunch of married guys really enjoy the cock. The biggest problem here is that they, unlike the gays, typically practice unsafe sex, cause diseases to spread. Leave it to the closeted guys to be the risky ones.

All I can say is that this shit is not fair to your wife, quit fuckin around behind her back and come out as the nelly little bottom you really are, saves more bitches for the real straight guys to poke!

September 13, 2006

What a fag!

Dude this Weather man like totally pops his weave after a cockroach viciously attacks his black ass. No joke. Fucking roaches are out to get you, beware.

September 5, 2006

Heroes on iTunes!

One of the shows I am most waiting for this season is NBC's Heroes. I want to see it really fucking bad, and it doesn't start til Sept 24 or so, but it is on iTunes. The catch is you have to have some card from a movie theater with a code on it, and since I am a lazy ass I have yet to receive said code.

Ok, here's where you come in. If you have one of said cards with said code, then please send it to my e-mail. Thank you so much!

Codes can only be used once so either get two cards or let me have yours! Love you to death!

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