May 17, 2007

Mary Jane Slutson?

So this Mary Jane statue (that's Spider Man's WIFE, not girlfriend major media peoples!) washing Spidey's costume while exposing her thong and boobalas, has gotten a lot of grief from the fan girl community.

My opinion? I don't think it should've evoked the hype it has, I mean sure it is a bit tacky, but being an avid Spider Man reader for years and years, I could actually see Mary Jane doing something like is, if not just to tease her husband and ridicule him for it enjoying said tease.

But yeah, chill the fuck out ladies, invoking MLK's name and the women's rights movement over a small statue just makes you sound like a bunch of screeching harpy bitches.

Sure there needs to be a less sexist outlook in the comic book industry, but there also needs to be a less racist and homophobic outlook.

Where were you "champions of justice" when Joe Quesada said only MAX titles will star gay characters or the fact that North Star was killed in almost every reality in the MU in the same fucking month? How about the fact that asian characters are almost always kung fu experts?

Sure I think there needs to be equality in comics and media, and women shouldn't be seen as pure sex objects, but keep it up and instead of sex objects, they'll be seen as PMSing crazy ladies who need to get the sand out of their vagina.

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