May 9, 2007

Gimps McGee Rides Again!

So this dude with no arms and one leg is a habitual law breaker. He apparently is an amazing driver (yes an amazing driver with no limbs cept a weeny winky and a stubby leg) yet continues to say Fuck You to the establishment by breaking all kindsa traffic codes and laws.

His license has been suspended and he is so bad that it is a felony for him to get behind the wheel.

So a copper sees his ass and chases him, and he leads police on a wild chase all day until he finally gets away. He is also in trouble for drugs and other stuff.

I love this guy. He should be the new drummer for Def Leppard.

Instead of offing himself he decided to fuck with the police. I think that is commendable. Too bad jail is going to be rough. He is like totally easy prey for rape and stuff.

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