May 11, 2007

Douche Bags In Rush For White House

[His "I hope you die in a car crash" smile]

Rudolph Guiliani, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and whatever else whacked out Republican asshole that's running are slashin each others throats so fast my head is spinning.

The one thing I don't understand is that John McCain was the "progressive" to GW's "conservative" yet now he's the one pandering to the right and calling Rudy out on shit like abortion issues.

And then you have Rudy who is trying to play the field with "well abortion is bad, but its also good, I don't really care either way..." which means, "kill your ugly crack babies so I don't have to kick their homeless asses out!"

[My shadow puppets totally won me their votes!]

My favorite is Mitt Romney, though. This dude is bat shit crazy. He's like the white Al Sharpton. He's mormon, he loves Battlefield Earth (I bet he offers free "stress tests"), and he talks shit about Bush, while also saying he likes him. He believes in evolution, and said "intelligent design" should not be taught in the classroom.

The dude was a blight on Massachusetts, but he is definitely the Republican to watch. I just want to see him fuck with the others. They all take themselves so seriously, they won't know what do when he comes to a debate dressed like a Storm Trooper and asks Fred Thompson to pull his finger.

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