April 11, 2007

Someone's bank account got heavy...

So North Carolina dropped the charges against the three white Duke athletes for sexually assaulting a black stripper saying that the DA was overzealous and wrong.

Puh-fucking-lease, they did it, and since they were rich white sporties they got away with it. Everyone knows that athletes get away with rape. It is written in the constitution. Unless they are black and its a white girl, then there will at least be a trial.

That and you know the state just got a HEFTY contribution from some parents and Duke University.

I for one think they were pretty stupid in the first place. Why would you rape a stripper when all ya gotta do is throw in an extra $20? Not like they couldn't afford it!

Ry Edit: Why would richy Duke boys want to play with a nasty stripper? I think not! She may have had crabs crawling out her vajayjay. You know how those woman folk don't like to be snubbed.

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