April 4, 2007


Oh joy of joys! My favorite summer time show is coming back to the ABC Family channel. What is this glorious gem of television satisfaction? Why Kyle XY of course.

ABC just released news that 13 all new episodes will start on June 11. Everyone set your Tivos. This shit is such a train wreck, it's awesome! It's so bad it's good. And when I say bad, I mean He-Man cartoon animation bad. But that didn't stop me from buying the first season of He-Man on dvd.

What's even better about this show, is that it is on ABC FAMILY. While all last season we dealt with oral sex, poppin cherries, drug use, masturbation, underage drinking, and the list goes on. I loves it.

Check out more info on the season here. I mean look at the picture! Those actors deserve Emmys!

Sammy's Edit:

Oh yes bitches, this shit is greatness. I don't know of a show on any network (outside of HBO) that has this much raunchy dialogue and subject matter, and its on the fucking FAMILY CHANNEL. Pat Robertson eat your heart out as the network you started airs its second season of this true television gem. Oh and the main guy totally has gay face!

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