April 10, 2007

Get Em My Pretties!

South Korea is down with the wolf cloning lately. The best part is the sciencetist involved is wanted for embezllement, fraud and a whole bunch of other hoopla.

Why isn't the US doing this? We're letting other countries clone packs of War Wolves? Why else would they be cloning carnivores? Snuggle time?

Secret South Korea Meeting
Government Official: Those silly Americans! They'll never expect us to clone a Wolf Army!
Other Gov't Official: Mwahaha! We'll catch them off guard, they'll be too distracted my our plant, Sanjaya!
Government Official: Genius! While they watch American Idol, we'll send in our wolves to attack! No one shall be safe!
Other Gov't Official: (Pauses) But then what will we eat for dinner?

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