April 5, 2007

Discovery Channel hates cute babies

[Polar Bears are amazingly awesome]

Planet Earth
is the most depressing ass show ever. I mean it is fucking cool and all and looks more like CGI shit from movies (esp. on the giant HD tv on Discovery HD) than real life (which it is, I promise).

My beef with it, though, is the fact that EVERY GOD DAMN EPISODE features:

A baby dying from the weather
A baby getting horribly eaten/murdered by a predator
A baby losing its way and dying
A starving animal dying cause it can't find food

And Sigourney Weaver (tha Murph)'s narration with her somber monotone voice doesn't help matters, either.

Discovery, as cool and fascinating as your show is, I am seriously sick of baby animals biting it when they are so heavenly and cuteness. I would trade a polar bear cub for my neighbor's ugly baby any day, any time!

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