April 10, 2007

Are You Ready For That Ass?

Yes, the ass that can be seen across many a country will be on American Idol tonight. None other than J. Lo will be mentoring those little Idol rascals on how to sing Latin themed music.

This is going to rock my face off!

Not only that but we get the slight chance to see classic Paula (a.k.a. drunk off her ass Paula). Why? Because homegirl is probably jealous as hell of J. Lo's limited yet infinitely better selling music career. I'm even more excited to see Simon's reaction to the Queen of Americanized Latino.

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to endure Sanjaya for another week. Please pray for me, and for you, and your dog's ears. It's a sad sad time in America when we vote for people that bad just for shits and giggles. Don't you people have better things to do, like hang out at the mall or throw candy in the movie theater?

Many bloggers are predicting the demise of American Idol if Sanjaya wins. This is a sad yet fertile truth. If the AssHat known as Sangina wins, I will never tune in to that show again. My faith in humanity will be crumbled, and I may lie in the fetal position and cry for a week.

Do the right thing America! Vote to bring back drunk Paula! Vote for one of the actually talented contestants (Blake, Chris, Malinda, LaKisha, Jordin).

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