March 23, 2007

The Week in Review (TV)

American Idol

Most of them had a good night. Stephanie put me to sleep (which is partially why her ass got voted off), but really Sanjaya deserved to get his ass kicked to the curb. My hate for Sanjaya grows every day. I know that little girl was crying a river because his freaky ass hair scared her, not to mention his over-abundance of the disease known as Gay Face.

I was also shocked that Chris R was in the bottom 2. America is smoking crack. And not the good kind, the cheap kind mixed with wheat flour and clorox.

America's Next Top Model

Oh how I love bitches getting their picture taken while trying to sabotage each other! Instead of having the wonderfulness known as Jade as Bitch of the House, we have Rene, who is my official BoH this year.

I hated to see Felicia go home, because well, she's kind of hot. You could tell there wasn't much going on in her head, but she is easier on the eyes than some cough Jael cough. Or those fat broads. Plus size model! HA. Since when did we make it ok to be fat?


That was some hot shit! And this time I don't just mean Jack! The scene where Kate and Jack spoke in the pool hall and he said "And I will come back for you" sent shivers down my spine. Oh and Locke blew up the submarine. Why though? He wants all of those bitches stuck eating that Dharma food. He must be a fan of constipation. The twist ending was no surprise at all. Ben has Locke's dad! (For those of you who haven't guessed it, Locke's dad is the infamous Sawyer that Sawyer gets his name from).

I call it shady island, cause they are all so shady, I wouldn't lend them a ball point pen. Bitches would steal it!

Ugly Betty

Genius! Always, always genius. But they ended this episode a little too quickly. I still want to see some Betty/Accountant Boytoy lovin. I'm glad they focused this episode a little more on Mark. It was nice to see a gay character get some development that didn't center around backstabbing and butt slapping.

Grey's Anatomy

George remembers he slept with Izzie after having some temp memory loss. Oh and Callie's dad comes to town, all rich and snooty. George tells Izzie not to say anything to Callie ever, and now Izzie is all in love with George! Plus, Dr. McDreamy is scared Meredith is going to off herself again (as she gave up when she drowned). Fuck that. I guess he doesn't know the title of the show is Grey's Anatomy. Without Meredith, this is no show. Also, Dr. McSteamy is steaming ahead to get the Chief position. Scandal and intrigue oh my! Otherwise, not much happened.

Next week, I'll have all the above plus Smallville, How I Met Your Mother and Dresden Files.

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