March 16, 2007

Showtime Raids the Panty Drawer

Showtime is snapping up all the talent left in Hollywood. And by talent, I mean actors who haven't had significant work since the 1990s.

They have David Duchovony lined up to star in a new series about a novelist who battles problems with addiction. You can read about the stellar cast here.

On the brighter side, Showtime has also snagged Steven Spielberg's idea for a comedy about a mother with multiple personalities. On top of this, Spielberg is heading up the new reality show for Fox, On the Lot about wanna-be filmmakers duking it out.

He got tired of counting his money, so he's decided to take over t.v.!

I kid, I kid. If either are anything at all like Weeds, my ass will be glued to the couch watching the telly. I may even speak in a British accent the whole time!

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