November 7, 2006

Election Day: You better have voted bitches!

It is election day. Oh how I am dreading the outcome tonight, especially here in Texas since I really don't think this state can afford 4 more years of good hair and bad administration from Rick Perry. I would much rather bad hair and great leadership from the likes of Chris Bell (have you never heard of grecian formula??)

Honestly, fuck you Kinky Friedman for even running, and fuck any idiot who voted for his crazy ass. First of all his name is Kinky (and not the good kind, more like the skeezy shit they do in dark rooms) and he is fucking whack job nuts!

Bitches, go vote (well), or I swear I will run for office, win, and bring back public beheadings and anyone who doesn't vote [or vote responsibly ie not voting for a Republican] will be the first to go!

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