November 8, 2006

America gives a big 'FUCK YOU' to Republicans, Bush

So America has finally wised up and spoken, giving the middle finger to the religous right, George W. Bush, and rednecks across America by saying "we're taking our country back from you little boy touching, media censoring, war starting bigots and hypocrites!"

The Democrats have taken the House, and with the help of Independents (hopefully) the Senate. Nancy Pelosi (the lady who called Bush incompetent) is now third in line of the Presidency, and Donald Rumsfeld has been taken out. It is definitely a day of rejoicing and celebration!!

Now all we gotta do is block all of Bush's bullshit laws, and take back the White House in 2008, and maybe, just maybe, this country will have a chance at redemption.

To all of you who voted Democratic this time around, thank you, you are responsible for this great day in history... to all those who didn't go fuck yourself and the Elephant you rode in on [or the 1960s VW van, you dirty independent loving hippy].

Too bad Texas didn't pay attention like the rest of America, but of course, Texans are complete fucking idiots.

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