October 5, 2006

Republican seeking life mate: Likes walks on the beach, serving in Congress, touching boy butt...

Everyone has probably heard the story of Florida Congressman Mark Foley and his instant message conversations with Congressional Pages asking them about beating off and their dick size.

The dude has some kind of fantasy for political high schoolers for some reason, and resigned cause he's a big ol mo and the Republican party looks down on that, not to mention the possible criminal aspects of his trists.

The funniest part is that he was on the Committee for Exploited Children and could face charges thanks to a bill he passed.

Honestly the kids knew what they were doing flirting with him and shit, and everyone knows that the Republican party is filled with closet queens who get off on bedding their higher ups, if not just for the bragging rights [its just nice that its being exposed]. Honestly these are the type of closeted kids who grow up to be the creepy guy who pinches aids' butts when they get older and elected.

I personally think the biggest scandal is the fact that all of these higher ups like Speaker Haster knew about Foley's affinity for high schoolers and young college boys, and did nothing from stopping him on fraternizing with minors, then lying about it and saying they are shocked about these developments.

Come on, they wouldn't hide this shit if they weren't doing the same thing. All these hypocrites need to stop garnering for the nut bags and just admit they are big fags instead of getting caught on voice mail services, gay hotels, cruisy parks, instant messenger applications, etc etc etc...

If you really want to help your party, start changing it from the inside, rather than getting caught leaving dirty messages on boys computers and soliciting sex to undercover cops. Look at Barney Frank, thanks to being a Democrat, he got caught bein a big ol cock sucker, and he is STILL in office.

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