October 18, 2006

Democrats could take over if they'd stop getting bad hair cuts...

The Democrats should be winning most of the mid term elections, giving them the proper majority over the Senate and House, thus diminishing a lot of Bush's power, and hopefully save America from a tyrannical right wing agenda by the fresh Republican faces.

A lot of this is due to the public finally realizing Iraq is a bad deal, and that Republicans preach morality while on stage, but behind the scenes are too busy trying to jack off on the webcam with minors and stealing money to actually pass any laws.

The Democrats SHOULD be winning is the key, though, since they are too fucking busy worrying about the right (who's power seems to be diminishing as people are also realizing that they don't want their lives censored and controlled by some bitch house wife with a Jesus complex) and getting bad hair cuts [come on! that hippy frock has got to go].

I guess we will find out in a month whether they do take it, but I would like to see them taking this high ground that they have luckily acquired, and bust some Republican balls.

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