August 24, 2006

Pluto is a bitch and we don't like his ass no mo!

Astrologers and scientists voted to removed Pluto's planet status, thus making our solar system only 8 planets.

All those text books are gonna have to be changed stat, but knowing our education system they will continue to teach false information.

There are all these unidentified objects over there near the planet, so who knows what else we have to find out. Alls I know is that if I was Pluto I would be hella pissed that I am no longer worthy and explode or somethin.

All this astrology shit is confusing as hell, so lemme just say take care Pluto, it was nice knowin you since I was little, but now you have been voted out of the circle, I don't want my rep goin down for clingin onto you, so peace out and don't try talkin to me when other people are around.

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