July 19, 2006

Bush uses first ever Presidential Veto to help end medical progress...

This mother fucker has never vetoed anything, not trillions of dollars on a bullshit war, not for taking civil rights away, not for anything condusive to a better America, except to end a bill that would help stem cell research cause it was "morally wrong?"

WTF? Helping to cure diseases like alshymeir's and cancer through the use of embryos, NOT CHILDREN, is wrong?

His big thing is that he hates abortion and needed a topic for conservatives to focus on in midterms, and since hatin on the gays is soooo last year, they decided to pick up the stem cell train.

The problem is, tons of conservatives are FOR stem cell research cause they want a cure for this shit so they can continue to use an equal AND a sweet n low in their tea without having to worry about getting cancer and forgetting about it.

Puhlease Georgie, one of these days you are so gonna kick yourself in the ass for vetoing this when you or someone in your family gets some disease that could have been cured.

Shit Jenna already has the VD!

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