June 16, 2006

Warning: Don't drive around with your dead wife's head...

This dude was just drivin around with his decapitated wife's head in his car, when he fucking crashed right into another car and killed the woman and her child. Then the head flew out of the car and like rolled on the road and shit.

Well no shit he crashed, he was obviously one crazy mother fucker for just cruisin with a dead bitch's head in the car, in the first place!

The man is currently in jail facing two charges of murder for the mother and child, as well as charges for killin his own wife, and possibly some charges on being a crazy person who carries decapitated heads around (like some kinda hobo).

You know his ass was givin himself a little road head (she was probably good at it but he couldnt stand her talkin back so he gave her the ol beheading routine).

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