June 22, 2006

The US Military's pants are on fire...

So this woman's son died two years ago, and the military just now told her how he died. He was killed by Iraqis we were training, but the military held off until Sen. Boxer from California raised a stink into why the families had not been informed of what exactly happened.

After her son died, Nadia McCaffrey decided to get all anti-war and wanted to inform people of the shady misdealings of the military. Back in May, almost 2 years since her son had died, she contacted Boxer and pleaded with her to help out.

If this had been a Republican senator, they totally would have given her ass the run around. You know they didn't want people knowing that the Iraqi soldiers we are training are turning on our troops.

The military swore that it was a contained incident and blah blah blah, but the father was all like, "oh hells no! Your boss [the president] doesn't want nobody knowin that we are training the enemy and shit..."

I smell a cover up! And it isn't one of those yummy strawberry muffin smelling scandalous cover ups, this smells more like an afternoon on Bourbon Street in the middle of July. And that's just naasty!

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