June 15, 2006

Uncut is just plain nasty: Mom, Dad argue over kid's hoody...

A divorced couple is going to court over whether their 8 year old should be circumsized. The mom wants the snippity snip, while the dad wants his boy to have all those nerve endings when he's fuckin some bitch up the ass (or maybe he likes the smell of smegma... ew i just vomed a little...).

The mom says he's been having inflammation and pain in the groindage, and he should have it removed. She also said the dad didn't want the op because he's jealous she married a jew.

The court has yet to rule cause the judge is probably debating over whether he prefers cut to uncut on his bois for hire. Either way, the kid's gonna be in pain whether it's a little post surgery tickle, or a buncha nasty dick cheese that will stop him from gettin laid.

God bless America.

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