June 28, 2006

Superman Returns...

Superman Returns. Ok first of all after all my bitching, I fucking loved it.

I read a review somewhere that said when the guy left the original Superman film, he looked up at the sky, and wanted to fly. He said this film also did that for him. I would have to agree, as I left the theater and looked up at the sky, and just wanted to fly up in the air.

The film sets the stage as Superman has been away for 5 years visiting remains of his planet Krypton, only to find nothing and returning home. His love, Lois (Kate Bosworth), has done gotten herself a son and a fiancee (James Marsters).

One thing that's kind of interesting is that no one noticed Clark Kent was missing the same amount of time Superman was. Another was that fucking Lois was in the movie way too much. This is Superman Returns, not The Lois Lane movie.

Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) was completely and utterly evil, which was nice to see. He is the embodiment of evil, but in his twisted way, he thinks he is doing something good for man kind.

Another big gripe is that the story was a bit bland, and there wasn't enough action, but I did get to see Superman being Superman. Catching a plane in the middle of a baseball game, then the crowd cheering, that gave me chills.

All in all, Brian Singer may have tried too hard to recreate the originals, but in the end, Brandon Routh came out swinging. His portrayal of the lonely Kryptonian trying to latch onto some bit of humanity, while feeling isolated among the world's people as the only of his kind was heartwarming, and breaking. He caught the goofy quirks of Clark Kent ("Richard likes horror movies..." ::Clark makes a scary face:: - priceless), as well as the heart and soul of Superman (and with a resume consisting of One Life To Live, he is one damn fine undiscovered actor).

As many problems I had with the movie, I absolutely fucking loved it. It wasn't some action adventure I would want, but moreso a heartfelt movie that really made you feel for the man of steel.

Go see it immediately.

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