June 5, 2006

Stop using fags as a distraction...

The Republicans are at it again, but somehow I don't think this one will fly as much as last year. They are yet again trying to ban gay marriage to take the issues away from the shitty job they are doing.

The problem is, people aren't fired up about the gay issue like they were, not it's more about the real things like failing economy, a never ending war, and illegal immigrants running about making a roucos.

I for one don't think it will pass as every Democrat except one (pictured) is voting no, as well as many moderate Republicans, to at least block it for the year.

Of course, this Democrat from Nebraska is all for it, cause he obviously got turned down at the gay bars for being a scary troll. Don't be hatin on the gays cause they won't give you any Ben Nelson, it's not their fault you are completely fug. You know Creepy McCreepy pays for it, though.

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