June 6, 2006

Sheltering your kids will turn them into obnoxious fat bitches...

If you are a crazy mean ass bitch who tries to be all authoritarian over your youngins, then they will become fatty fat fats and everyone at school will hate them for being stupid and fat and ugly.

So then they will have to be either band geeks or the bully or the reallllyyy funny guy that never gets laid, but all in all they will still be a fatty all because you were a cunt and didn't let them watch Oz on HBO.

So watch it parents, let up a little before your kid becomes the fat kid. Let em watch some softcore on Skinemax every now and then. I hear Midnight Passion: A Stalker Among Us has enough T&A, but no penetration. It'll be perfect for the kids.

Oh and feed that butterball a salad instead of the Big Mac, too.

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