June 7, 2006

Republicans lose gay scape goat; must find different minority to railroad...

The Senate voted on the gay marriage ban in the US Constitution, and actually lost support this time around, with a 49-48 vote (in 2004 they had over 50 votes in support).

This was obviously a ploy to get right wing rednecks out to the polls in November because the Republican party is eating shit right now.

I for one know why they are trying to gear it away from Mexicans and onto the gays, because they don't want to disenfranchise hispanic voters (because they are a wild card).

But either way, most of them can't vote or don't, so they should be doing something to rally their people, or it is gonna be a rough midterms.

Besides gays who want kids, actually want them and to take care of them, while hoochie babymommas were about to get the big A. Fuck that shit, if someone needs a parent, they should go to the person who wants them, no matter what hole they like to fuck at night behind closed doors.

I am just glad more people are realizing that the "gay issue" is nothing more than a political tool, and has nothing to do with saving families. People fuck up their families quite nicely on their own, they don't need any fags to help them out.

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