June 8, 2006

The pussyfying of America's college campuses?

So the iPod was ranked higher than beer on the "in" thing on college campuses.

The even bigger worrier is that tied with alcohol!

Give me a fucking break, what the hell is happening to our college students today? Are not enough people being invited to the parties? Or are they just turning into pussies, saying shit like, "110011101... No I am going to sit in my dorm room and listen to old concierto's... and maybe a little Tiffany... while looking for people I hated on friendster... instead of going to that party... beer is bad... hehehe *nerd laugh*"

This is totally week. People, get off your damn computers and drink a fucking beer with REAL people, not your made up fantasy bitches in Canada. For all you Friendster/Myspace dorks: That HOT person who tries to add you, and says you are cute, is just a porn bot, they aren't real people!!!

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