June 16, 2006

The po-pos don't have to knock no mo...

The Supreme Court ruled that if the police have a warrant, they don't have to knock anymore, they can just bust in your place and fuck some shit up.

This is obviously due to the fact that when the police knock and say, "this is the po-lice, open up!" You're ass either

A. Runs out the back
B. Hides in the room and hopes that theys dont find yous
C. Flushes tha drugs

Here's an excerpt from the crypt keeper (Scalia):

_"What the knock-and-announce rule has never protected, however, is one's interest in preventing the government from seeing or taking drugs evidence described in a warrant."

_"The cost of entering this lottery would be small, but the jackpot enormous: suppression of all drugs evidence, amounting in many cases to a get-out-of-jail-free card."

_"As we have observed ... the amount of time (police) must wait is necessarily uncertain. If the consequences of running afoul of the rule were so massive, officers would be inclined to wait longer than the law requires _ producing preventable violence against officers in some cases, and the flushing destruction of drugs evidence in many others."

Shiiitt bitches. I've seen The Shield, you know their asses are all gonna bust up in there and be all like, "Freeze dirtbag, or I'll shoot you're ass AND take the stash evidence!"

[Thanks Shalala Glitter Ball & Little Hobo Cooper]