June 22, 2006

Monsters really do hide under your bed...

Some bitch had this stalker who made a copy of her keys while he was working as a valet, then he snuck into her apartment and placed a video camera. When he heard her come in, he hid under the bed... and stayed there for two fucking days til her boyfriend found him!

What I want to know is how he could stay under a bed for two days. Did he piss himself? You know his skanky scary ass was beatin off under there, I am sure he was real ripe when they hauled him in. Maybe her boyfriend smelled the mixture of crazy hobo and rape.

The dude also had like a rape kit under the bed with him including an electrical wire, gloves, and condoms. At least he was a safe rapist, don't wanna be catchin no diseases from the bitch you're holdin down!

Jesus christ, this is why you stop being a lazy ass, and park your own fucking car!

[Thanks d.c.]

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