June 19, 2006

Lewis is sooo gonna claw someone...

[EDIT] A judge ordered that Lewis could live, but he has to stay at home. Poor kitty is gonna get claustrophobic and start clawin bitches. His owner also gets to be on probation for 2 years then have her record expunged. Lewis wins again.

Some crazy hippy animal organization has offered Lewis a home at their refuge. Apparently his owner doesn't want to give his ass up (since he's her meal ticket outta that dump) so they are battling it out in court.

The neighbor of the refuge had some charming and insightful comments on the matter:

"I live with a cat just like Lewis, and I live with danger every time I go home at night," he said, adding, "I'm from South Jersey, so I don't take any crap from a cat."

What a douche. I am pretty sure Lewis would tear his ass up with that big claw. Don't be hatin or he will cut your ass.

[Thanks Mortie & Jenner]

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