June 29, 2006

Judge was pumpin his salami during trials...

This Oklahoma judge is on trial for pumping his wanker with a penis pump during court sessions. Apparently he just kept it under his bench for shits and giggles (and spankin his wanker while hot bitches give testimony).

The jury keeps bursting out into laughter every time the lawyers grab the pump and make the "sh-sh" sound that reverberated from the judge's bench during trials.

I sooo wanna be on that jury. You know those cops and lawyers are fucking laughing their asses off at this pervy mcpervster who was pumpin his junk while murder victims' families are crying and shit.

That is some fucked up shit. Damn Oklahoma is full of whackos, but hey you can't fault the man for havin a little peen, he should've just made sure his uppity court reporter wouldn't tattle on him. She was just mad cause he wasn't sharing the pump or his peen with him/her.

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