June 26, 2006

It's called freedom of the press... stupid!

Some Republican ass from New York is calling for the prosecution of the New York Times for publishing the story about the government spying on banking under a "anti-terrorism" effort.

Bitch is just pissed cause he's over the Homeland Security Comittee and it makes his ass look bad, even Arlen Spectre, Mr. Republican, said that the media is an "effective watch dog," meaning he probably leaked that shit to them.

If you don't wanna get in trouble or piss people off cause of the shit you do, don't fucking do it. It's like banging your wife's sister, then getting tattled on by the neighbor and getting mad at them. You shouldn't have banged her ass anyways!

Of course no one likes a tattler. So I can see why HE would be angry, but fuck him. He better be careful, or they will start publishing pictures of him diddling little boys or cracked out trannies.

Don't piss off the New York Times or they will come after your ass, and their reporters are sneaky bitches! They'll hide cameras in a motel room and seduce you... then while your passed out... take even worse pictures... then publish em on the front page. Beware...

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