June 22, 2006

I wish I knew how to quit you AOL!

America Online makes it impossible to quit their asses. They are like that bitchy ex that's all like, "Oh hells nah! You ain't leavin my ass, I'm stayin right here and assin up your couch and gettin fat while you work to pay for my pedicures and shit. Bitch I gots nasty feet so get to work!"

This dude (Vincent Ferrari) tried to quit AOL and recorded the conversation with the operator who is all like, "Please don't go, I can make things better, I promise... I'll try harder... I'll take it in the rear for you tonight..."

He was on the phone for 5 minutes, but this is a snippet. Apparently AOL said they "fired" the dude, but I highly doubt that. They probably promoted his ass for bein so convincing.

Here's also an interview with the dude with Matt Lauer.

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