June 19, 2006

Houston we have a big ass problem...

NASA is in need of a big ol bitch smack after all the shit they've been pulling. Engineers and specialists in NASA have demanded that the launch on July 1 be postponed til they can rework some key parts that have caused other shuttles to end in disasterous ways. NASA's chairman has decided to go ahead with the launch, even with the pleas to wait a little while.

Are they fucking crazy? We don't need any more damn space ships blowin up in the sky and causing debris to rain all over Texas, cause you know that's where that shit is gonna hit.

You're walkin around one day and suddenly a fuckin tube of toothpaste beef stew nails you in the face and boom you're out cold or dead. Not to mention the eternal hell fire exploding in the sky.

Plus, if this shit crashes or blows up, the space program will be shut down, meaning I can't whisk away to outer space and visit all the alien bitches. Fuck that shit. NASA hold your panties together a little while, so we don't lose our hope of having a wonderful magical colony on the moon or some shit.

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