June 27, 2006

The gays get it from their genes...

Homosexuality is a physical trait, not psychological according to a new study that says that men with older brothers tend to be gayer than those without.

All these right wingers say it isn't physical because they want to send em to those "non gay" camps so they can continue to spout their hate and get more money from ignorant people by using the gay scapegoat, while everyone knows that those "camps" are just glorified bath houses filled with man on man sex and hooking up ie: But I'm A Cheerleader and Saved.

All these Christian Coalition and "family" groups don't want to admit that they too have a burning in their loins for tight jeans and Donna Summer, and are just in denial by blaming it on their overbearing mothers.

Quit fucking blaming it on everyone and just accept the fact that you love a morning dose of man meat and just move to the place where property values soar and rainbow flags glisten in the misty springs of mo-dom.

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