June 8, 2006

Europeans drive like ass...

In the past month, there have been TONS of crazy ass European drivers doing the stupidest shit.

First we had the guy dragging the police officer, now we have the guy speeding like 50km over the limit, to "dry his wet car off." The mother fucker didn't even have a license!

Warning to the people in Europe: Even though the subway is filled with scary mole people, it still sounds a bit safer then the roads with these bitches!

Man tries to eat police car...

While most Europeans are about to kill your ass with their crazy driving, one man was so angry at the police, he tried to chew their car. Seriously, you can't make this shit up, he literally bit the hood of the car.

What the hell was he thinking? Ohh I can be like Robocop and eat metal and shit (does Robocop eat metal??) Who knows, either way them bitches overseas are crazy!

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