June 22, 2006

Employers running out of ways to fuck the little guy?

Companies are getting into deep shit for retaliating against employees who expose issues going on in the work place.

This bitch complained about her boss sexually harrassing her, so they put him in sensitivity training and all that jazz, but then they suspended HER for 37 days without pay, then transferred her to a more physically demanding position.

They were all sniggerin over scotch goin, "take that bitch, see how you like shovellin poo!"

Bitch just couldn't handle the harder work cause she was a woman, and as everyone knows, men are superior... burrrrnnnn.

The courts ruled in her favor, giving her $47,000 in back pay and setting a precedent for future law suits on retaliation claims.

Employers better watch out, or they are going to have to start treating employees with a tiny bit of dignity and deserved respect...

...naahhh fuck them, we wanna be rich, bitch!

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