June 21, 2006

The Chicago Tribune says...

The Chicago Tribune is the best place to read reviews for films. The commentary is totally bitchy and sarcastic. Which is also good cause if they don't completely bash a movie, then it must be good!

Bu anyways here is a funny quip:

8/18: Snakes on a Plane

Mission: To succeed as a film so inherently stupid that people will see it just to find out how ridiculous it is.

Outlook: Whatever cracks you up more--the buzz generated behind a movie expected to be just plain silly, the bloggers coming up with imaginary sequels like "Sharks on a Roller Coaster" and "Camels on a Submarine" or the fact that "Snakes on a Plane" is an unintentional acronym for SOAP--this might just be the most anticipated movie of the summer. Can't wait.

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