June 1, 2006

Butch my ass, more like nelly bottom!

So Perez Hilton has a more "recent" ad on Notice last logged in on September of 2005 (probably same time people started learning what a douche she was).

Looks like he's still up to the Recreational Drug use (*achem* METH *achem*) occasionally, as well as looking for hot boys for sex (probably has to pay them).

It also says that he is 165lbs, which HAD to be a typo, as we all know the fatty fat fat is at least 265.

My favorite part though, is where it says Masculine/Butch. Gurrrlll please! She makes Clay Aiken look like the Marlboro man.

What a fucking douche bag. Probably gave up on the gay sites after a while, cause he got tired of having less chats/hook ups then the scary 50 year old trolls. Unless he paid some skanky hustler, but as we've stated, being BFF with Paris probly gave him crabs and/or the herpalitis, so I'm sure him and his disease ridden bois for hire could just swap blemishes and puss pockets.

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