June 7, 2006

Bush told the right wingers to back the fuck up...

So this is a few days old, but it was a holiday (and it will explain the FOX News video of the crazy bitch below).

GW signed a bill banning the protest of military funerals within so many feet of the cemetary with a huge fine and jail time.

In advance of his speech and a wreath-laying at America's most hallowed burial ground for military heroes, Bush signed the "Respect for America's Fallen Heroes Act."

This was largely in response to the activities of a Kansas church group that has staged protests at military funerals around the country, claiming the deaths symbolized God's anger at U.S. tolerance of homosexuals.

The new law bars protests within 300 feet of the entrance of a national cemetery and within 150 feet of a road into the cemetery. This restriction applies an hour before until an hour after a funeral. Those violating the act would face up to a $100,000 fine and up to a year in prison.


The "Kansas church" is the one of our very own Fred Phelps (the crazy asshole who protested Matthew Shepherd's funeral saying he deserved it) and his "church" of 100 members, 80% of which is his family (they really need to stop breeding!!).

Watch the hot video down below of his daughter and her extreme intelligence, as well as her Christian grace and forgiveness. Thou shalt not judge, unless you are a Phelps, then it's ok!

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