June 22, 2006

Asking questions doesn't warrant panty ruffling!

So don't get me wrong, the Voting Rights Act is a good thing, but a couple of Republicans have some issues with it that they wanted to be heard, and everyone is have a field day calling discrimination and other such bull plop.

Look, the Democrats are using it to say "the Republicans are racist," and the Republicans are saying, "they need to shut up and vote, we don't need bad press..."

But honestly, I don't have an issue with the questions they raised.

The Act was to be renewed, but a couple of Republicans decided to review issues with things like mandatory bilingual ballots and having interpreters there to help the people vote. This is America, if you are a citizen and are excercizing your right to vote, you better be able to read fucking English.

The law will be up for renewal sometime soon once the questions are answered.

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