June 20, 2006

And thy will be done; Steve Jobs likes to get his way...

Steve Jobs is pressuring film companies wanting to sell their movies on iTunes to only charge $9.99 or nothin. Apparently this is a big hassle for the big media companies tryin to fuck over the little man by raising the price of songs from $0.99, but Jobs won't stand for it.

He knows that charging less (I'd rather pay free) is the key to his success, so he won't budge. You know his ass gets what he wants too, bitch had to deal with Bill Gates's nerdy whiney ass back in the day, and he got the shit end of the stick (and boy did it smell), until he came back in a blaze of glory with the iPod and iTunes and running Pixar.

Apparently he's a big asshole too.

For those who cross Jobs, it's not a pleasant experience. He often has reduced people to tears with verbal abuse, says the former worker. "But he's not doing it for fun. He's doing it because he wants things better. He cares intensely and 95% of his comments are right."

Yeah, he'll cut a bitch with that nasty ass beard he was sporting; it's razor sharp (cause you know nerds have the best hiding places for fuck you ups).

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