May 4, 2006

You better not bring the bird flu over here, eh

blame canada

The US has released documents saying that we will close the border to Canada if a bird flu outbreak occurs there.

Well yeah, but I am more worried about catching it from Mexico than Canada. I mean even if we closed our borders to them, they have ways of getting over here that the Canadians haven't researched, mostly because they don't want to come here.

But if it did happen, fuck them! Close the damn border, I don't care if would hurt the Flying Saucer's stock of Molson or a couple of hockey games.

If I didn't like meat so much, my ass would be a vegetarian. No mad cow, bird flu, parasites (fish), or weird disease you get from eating exotic meats like Lion and Buffalo. Of course then I would be some kind of dirty hippy, and nobody likes dirty hippies, unless you are one. But then my advice would be to get a fucking haircut and stop bathing in pachuli. And String Cheese sucks!

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