May 10, 2006

Women can spot their babydaddy just by lookin at his face!

A new study shows that women can tell who their babydaddy is going to be just by looking at him. Apparently women can look at a man's face and tell whether he will be a "good father," and "like children."

I call a big ol bullshit to this, cause there are plenty of women who married attractive guys and got their ass beat cause they didn't cook or wait on his ass fast enough ("woman go make me a sandwich!"). There are also plenty of women who married some fug douche and turned outt o have a great happy family.

You bitches aren't fooling me, you may have some kind of intuition, but your pussy itch gets in the way of that plenty, cause you are just as shallow as men are. You know a hot man with a huge dong will win you over, even if he's the biggest asshole on Earth.

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