May 18, 2006

To hell with terrorism, we're gonna find Jimmy Hoffa!

You know the FBI is desperate for a win when they start digging up a farm in Michigan to find the former Teamsters president, Jimmy Hoffa.

This bitch has been missing for 31 years now. Everyone knows his ass got whacked, but where they hid the body has been quite a mystery. Apparently there have been rumors that he was buried on this farm that had "suspicious" activities the day he went missing.

The rumors have been circulating for years, and they just now decided to investigate? I mean I know it takes a while for the government to get off their ass and look into something, but decades of rumors? Did someone just find the report by accident? Some agent was probably banging his boyfriend on the filing cabinet, and the report just fell out cause there was too much motion in the ocean. And he was like "awww shit, everyone will know my name when I find his dead ass!"

They better get the CSI team out there, pronto. They don't wanna miss any minute clues laying about (cause you know evidence doesn't go anywhere after 31 years in that show).

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