May 11, 2006

They'll fuck it up as usual: Democrats leading polls

The Democrats are leading the Republicans for the mid term polls by 14 points, but you know their asses always do the same thing, fuck it up at the end. It's like the Bad News Bears, they make all this improvement and get ahead of the "bullies," but in the end they are a bunch of nerdy pussies who get beaten by the tougher assholes.

If they would just let their balls drop a little, get someone who doesn't run over your ass cause he's had a few too many glasses of tea (the Long Island kind), or have a candidate that wasn't the most fug creature in the existence of television (the hair has got to go), then maybe they would win some.

I mean the Republicans definitely win in the looks department (they don't have to get plastic surgery *cough* Joe Biden *cough*).

Seriously, the Republicans have better hair, too. You'd think that since the gays are generally on the Democrats' side, they would pony up some styling. These hippy frocks and Donald Trump-old man comb overs are not winning ya any votes.

Either way, we'll see how the mid terms turn out. You know some whiley Arabian dude is gonna open the flood gates of cheap gasoline and suicide bombings so the Republicans can win over some votes, but at least they have the balls to be shady. Politics is war, and you gotta do whatever it takes to win (and using dead people to vote for you has been done, find something new).

Fucking kick em in the balls and call em Sally if ya got to, but give me something.

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