May 2, 2006

So this bitch basically wants all women to be dumb house wives


This crazy bitch basically says that the modern feminist's movement is hurting women and blah blah. Ok these right wing bitches are really fuckin brainwashed. They think you are supposed to be the good wife and pop out some babies and clean the house.

If a woman wants to be a house wife, then she should totally go for it. But if she wants to be successful and not bogged down by an asshole husband or little rugrats, than she should go for that, too (as long as she's not some bitch ladder climber who hates everyone, cause corporate women are bitches!).

Either way, you know Pat Robertson was getting a woody interviewing her ass. He was all like, mmm submissive woman... yeah baby make me some flap jacks... yeah bitch... go to the bedroom and grab the pump, daddy wants it... ooohh yeah... ugh ugh argh... call 911!

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