May 2, 2006

Republicans might as well blow em while they are bowing down there

Republicans quickly capped a bill that proposed raising taxes on oil companies and major manufacturers to help with the raising gas prices.

After promising $100 rebates to about 100 million Americans, they now have to figure out how to pay for it since they got rid of this bill.

They quickly bowed down because the oil companies made a stink that it would cost them some money. Well yeah, but when you can afford $400 million retirement fees, I think you can afford $30 million that goes back to the taxpayers that you are fucking every day with these ginormous gas prices.

I seriously hope they get completely screwed in the November elections. They are just pissing everyone off (as in people), but still catering to the big businesses. Trust me bubba, those hefty campaign contributions mean nothing if you piss off all the voters in their wallet. They will vote your ass out, no matter how many times you invoke Jesus and blame the gays for all the problems of America.

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