May 1, 2006

Oops... I missed it again, fuckin assholes shoulda bought me a ticket

crack headsI missed Coachella again this year, and it is you bitches I have to blame. Why? Cause I said so.

Coachella is the greatest indie rock festival ever. This year featured Nine Black Alps, The Walkmen, Youth Group, and countless others, plus Vadge herself.

Don't ask why she was there, she probly wanted to do a Wynona Rider and show here dirty twat to all the grungy indie rockers and New York tools who think they are the reincarnation of Velvet Underground.

Either way, I am sure it rocked the socks off of every luck asshole who went. Even Josh Groban loved it, which could be used to argue for and against the quality of show it was, cause he's a big pussy.

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