May 4, 2006

Oil companies take a hint


After Congress goin after em, and the stink about how much money they are making, it looks like the oil companies know when to let back a little.

Oil prices aren't shooting down, but they are lowering, in a series of "fuck yous" to Exxon and other evil corporate bitches.

Something has to be done, and I personally want gas prices so fucking high that everyone will revolt and we will get some good people in office, instead of all these right wing whackos.

People vote with their wallets, it doesn't matter how much you blame the gays or jews or whatever your scape goat is. If you fuck em outta money so the rich assholes get even richer, people will ship your ass back to bum fuck where your wife won't give a shit about you anymore cause you aren't all powerful, your secret gay lover will leave your ass cause he realized he was way too self hating to be accepted into fabulousness, and your kids already hate you because you touched them when they were little. Have fun.

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